The Genuine Barbi Parmi


March 20th, 2018 Posted by BBQ SMOKE & GRILL, Weekly Specials 0 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY PARMI NIGHTS – $17 BARBI PARMI”


The unique Barbi Parmi at Woodchoppers
A real wood fired BBQ cooking Ribs

The Barbi Parmi – BBQ not Fried – Simply Unique !

Our BBQ Barbi Parmi, like all great inventions, came out of necessity for all you Parmi lovers.

In 2016, Woodchoppers classic Parmi was in the top 10 on the Gold Coast. We were proud of our Parmi.

When we started our BBQ Smoke & Grill in April 2017, we wanted to keep the Parmi dream alive.

But how do you do a deep fried Parmi when you are a BBQ house ?

Simple, you don’t deep fry your chicken breast but cook it low & slow for 3+ hours.

To complete the Barbi Parmi we add slow cooked pulled pork and fresh tomato salsa.

To test our new Parmi we welcomed 100 plus hungry guests on Fathers Day 2017. The Barbi Parmi was on the specials menu for the first time.

It sold out.

Remember, at Woodchoppers BBQ Smoke & Grill our Chicken is not boiled or steamed. It never sees the inside of a pressure cooker. We do not need to boil or steam any of our meats. Our Yoder BBQ and hickory wood burning low & slow creates that melt in the mouth BBQ Bliss !

Try the best wood fired BBQ Parmi on the Gold Coast this Wednesday – just $17 and taste the difference.

STOP PRESS – We have just released our new BBQ Fusion Menu – Check it out here !