BBQ NOT BOILED Beef Ribs at Woodchoppers

Thursday & Friday $20 Beef Ribs – Its Back !

March 22nd, 2018 Posted by BBQ SMOKE & GRILL, The Specials 0 thoughts on “Thursday & Friday $20 Beef Ribs – Its Back !”


BBQ Not Boiled Beef Ribs at Woodchoppers
Woodchoppers BBQ Smoke & Grill wood fired BBQ Ribs - BBQ not Boiled
A real wood fired BBQ cooking Ribs

Back by Popular Demand –  BBQ Beef Ribs for just $20 this Thursday and Friday

Woodchoppers BBQ Smoke & Grill beef ribs are unique because we cook them “low & slow” on our wood fired BBQ for upto 6 hours.  This creates that unique red smoke ring which is a signature of real great BBQ. Unlike many others, our beef ribs are never boiled or steamed nor do they see the inside of a pressure cooker.

Great ribs are never complete without that special sauce. We take the classic Australian flavour of lemon myrtle and blend it with tomatoes, onion, garlic, herbs and spices to create our signature lemon myrtle BBQ sauce.

Try the best wood fired BBQ Beef Ribs on the Gold Coast this Thursday & Friday for just $20 and taste the difference.