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Tri Tip Tuesday $20 Wood Fired BBQ Sirloin

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TRI TIP Tuesday - $20 Wood Fired BBQ Sirloin !

The BEst Cut - BBQ Wood Fired Tri Tip Sirloin
Wood Fired BBQ Tri Tip

Is BBQ Tri Tip the best cut of meat on a wood fired BBQ ?

We reckon that BBQ Tri Tip is the No 1 & thousands of folks in the US, Canada & Brazil seem to agree !

What is Tri Tip Sirloin I here you ask over the digital highway ?

It is the bottom “triangle” part of the Sirloin which butts up against the rump steak. Its unique position gives the Tri Tip the soft textures of the Sirloin while imparting the flavours of the Rump.

This is shown by the image of our friendly cow below from the TriTip Guy.

Its size and shape make it the perfect BBQ meat. When cooked low & slow for 4 – 6 hours over flavorsome Hickory wood, just melt in the mouth BBQ bliss.

Sounds too good to be true, well here’s the catch.

  • As this is a small cut of meat, tucked away at the rear of the cow, very few butchers use the Tri Tip.
  • Furthermore with quality Australian meat in high demand overseas, 95% of all our Australian Tri Tip is exported to the US or Brazil !

What does this all mean – Tri Tip is hard to get.

In fact it took us 4 months to find a supplier we could get guaranteed stock!

So when we do get it, we must treat it with respect.

At Woodchoppers BBQ Smoke & Grill all are meats are NEVER boiled or steamed. They never see the inside of a pressure cooker. We do not need to boil or steam any of our meats. Our Yoder BBQ and hickory wood burning low & slow creates that melt in the mouth BBQ Bliss !

Our BBQ Sirloin is teamed with our signature Lemon Myrtle BBQ sauce.  We take the classic Australian flavour of lemon myrtle and blend it with tomatoes, onion, garlic, herbs and spices to create our signature Lemon Myrtle BBQ sauce.

Try the best wood fired BBQ Tri Tip Sirloin on the Gold Coast this Tuesday – just $20 and taste the difference.

Tri Tip Guy image of Cow
Our Meats are never boiled !