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The BBQ Banquet

When you have a hungry team to feed and want to keep control of the budget then our BBQ Banquet is a great option.

At just $27 per person our BBQ Banquet has a great selection of mouth watering BBQ for all your team.

The first course starts with platters of our BBQ wings and lemon myrtle dusted calamari with paprika aioli dipping sauce.

The Second course brings our large platters. Each platter feeds 4 guests and comes with fries, salad/slaw and the following juicy BBQ:

  • BBQ Brisket
  • BBQ Tri Tip Sirloin
  • Buttermilk Chicken
  • House smoked Sausages
  • Mid-West Pulled Pork

Bookings are essential with a minimum of 10 guests required.

The Cocktails

Our hand crafted, small batch moonshine creates cocktail magic. From our all grain wheat vodka to our London Dry "one shot" gin we have what it takes to takes to unwind or get the party started.

The Moonshine

We specialise in small batch artisan distilled spirits. Ranging from all wheat vodka, classic "one shot" gins, rums and our unique Bourbonshine and Whiskeyshines. Hand made in Mudgeeraba.

The Shin-Digs

Woodchoppers Inn has always been a place where locals gather. Our BBQ Smoke & Grill house & artisan distillery is the perfect location for your next social, party or get-together. Bookings are essential for large groups

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