BBQ Menu

Our BBQ menu is a fusion of Australian, mid-west American, Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours.

To highlight our undeniable Australian heritage is our homemade Signature Lemon Myrtle BBQ sauce.

We specialise in 18 hrs Brisket, Tri Tip Sirloin & wood fired BBQ Ribs.

Our BBQ menu includes a wide range of seafood, poultry, fantastic salads & Vegetarian options.

The majority of our menu is GLUTEN free and if you have any allergies, just let us know.

BBQ is all about sharing.

Our menu includes 5 incredible sharing platters perfect to sample all our BBQ specialties.

BBQ & Beer are just best friends. We have the best craft beer range west of the M1 !

We have a great range of Kids meals from just $10 with a FREE drink & ice cream

What makes our BBQ unique is that we use real wood to cook our meats low & slow.

We NEVER boil or steam our meats to make them fall off the bone. The combination of hickory wood, slow heat and sweet smoke create BBQ bliss.

Accept no substitutes insist on real wood fired BBQ.