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What is our Fav BBQ Wood?

May 27th, 2017 Posted by BBQ SMOKE & GRILL, From The BBQ, From the Smoker, Talking BBQ 0 thoughts on “What is our Fav BBQ Wood?”

Wood is at the heart of the BBQ experience – it is the high octane that keeps our Yoder BBQ pit pumping. 

Our Fav Wood is Oak 

Why – because it gives a solid consistent burn and a neutral balanced smoke that pays homage to the meat and our classic rubs

We want our smoke to compliment not overpower our meats great flavour so Oak is out tree of choice.

We source all our wood supplies through sustainably managed forest systems so there will be enough quality Oak for our grandkids to BBQ on.

Talking BBQ – How it Works

May 20th, 2017 Posted by BBQ SMOKE & GRILL, Talking BBQ, The Art of BBQ 0 thoughts on “Talking BBQ – How it Works”

Talking BBQ @ Woodchoppers

At Woodchoppers BBQ SMOKE & GRILL, we use a Yoder 640 Offset Pellet Smoker.

Although it might look like a Big Black Home Style BBQ, the Yoder is more akin to a Convection Over !

How you might say………….

As the diagram right shows, the wood is burnt in the firebox to the left and beneath the BBQ. The hot air then travels up and around the chamber being drawn by towards the chimney at the right. This process occurs due to the heat and pressure inside the chamber being lower than that on the outside. A set of metal “baffles” below the chamber are moved in and out to control the airflow and heat distribution to achieve a perfect airflow mix. If we could see the airflow in the chamber, it would ideally be swirling in a vortex manner around our BBQ creating an even constant cooking process.

However this is not necessarily the case. Over the past few months we have learnt that our Yoder has its hot and not so hot spots, and that BBQ is more art than science. We constantly monitor the Chamber, moving meats to the right “zone” depending on thickness and fat coverage to get the right mix of smoke, heat and that great BBQ flavour.

So in reality, BBQ and Smoking on a Yoder is just like cooking in your convection oven at home but with a constant fire burning, a set of metal baffles to move to set airflow, chimney to regulate airflow and about 4 zones of differing heat intensity to keep you on your toes.

That’s why BBQ is not just a business is must be your passion !

In our next post, we will talk about what makes all the BBQing, Smoking happen…..the wood and why all woods are not made equal.