Woodchoppers Just After the Move

Mudgeeraba Historical Facts

Wondering where I am standing ?

If I were back in the 1950’s I would be standing on the corning of Railway St & School St, looking back down Railway St from the Wallaby Hotel

Do you recognize other features in the photo ?

The trees on the left where there is a railing protect sth drop down to the Railway cutting where the tracks would still have been.

Looking down the hill and up the rise you can make out the buildings now housing Law firms and Mudgeeraba Village B&B.

Woodchoppers Inn Mudgeeraba History Snap Shot

Do you recognise Woodchoppers back in 1973 ?

The upstairs Verandah was open as it was when it was down at Palm Beach as the bowls club.

The building was moved up to Mudgeeraba on the back of 3 large trucks. It was cut into 3 sections and then re-assembled.

You can see the large tree stumps under the building that were used to set it in place. They are all still there !

Prior to Mudgeeraba becoming a bustling town and new planning laws, regularly weddings, birthday & other parties were held downstairs in that great open space.

See that little tree at the front, well its not so little now !

Woodchoppers Just After the Move

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