The secret is real wood fired BBQs

Our BBQs are the real deal. Our Yoder & Bradley BBQs both burn real wood to create that low & slow BBQ magic.

Yoder BBQs are born & bred in Kansas USA. All Yoders are handmade. They are competition grade BBQ pits sought after by the top Pitmasters.

Our Yoder was born on 11 September, 2016, yes 911. It is an offset pellet BBQ weighing at 640 kgs & can take upto 50 Kgs of ribs.

Our Bradley Smoker is made in Canada. With 6 shelves we create incredible chicken wings, smoked sausages and unbelievable salmon.

Together our BBQs using our Hickory wood create a low & slow genuine BBQ experience.

Why are our Ribs the best – because they are cooked in real wood fired BBQs.



What makes our BBQ unique is that we use real wood to cook our meats low & slow.

We NEVER boil or steam our meats to make them fall off the bone. The combination of hickory wood, slow heat and sweet smoke create BBQ bliss.

Accept no substitutes insist on real wood fired BBQ.