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  • The house favourite !
  • 6 hrs BBQ Sirloin Tri Tip 
  • Basted with our homemade Lemon Myrtle BBQ sauce
  • Served with crispy fries and apple cider slaw
  • Available Gluten Free – served with no crispy fries 
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6 Hrs BBQ Sirloin Tri Tip

If you have never had Tri Tip, now’s the time !

Tri Tip Sirloin is the perfect combination of the soft textures of the Sirloin and flavour of Rump

This is one of the best BBQ meats that you can get – in fact 95% of all Australian Tri Tip is exported overseas!

Served with crispy fries, our homemade Lemon Myrtle BBQ sauce and apple cider slaw.