Wholesale Wood Fired BBQ & Fresh Meats

Due to stock availability issues from suppliers some of our items are not available at this time. We will update site as soon as stock becomes available.


Limited to 10 guests 






The BBQ Experience At Home

Our wood fired BBQ meats are created by burning real wood to create a unique smoked BBQ flavour. Expect incredible Ribs, mouth watering Brisket, unique Tri-Tip Sirloin and fabulous smokey Chicken Wings.

We do the hard work for you. Smoking in-house, 4 hours for pork ribs and minimum 12 hours for brisket, so you can enjoy the BBQ experience at home.

Our BBQ is portioned and delivered cold, with simple heating instructions for creating incredible wood fired BBQ in no time at all. Download our simple heating instructions below.

Fresh Meats & More.

In addition to our BBQ offering we have teamed up with our wholesale meat suppliers to bring you restaurant quality meat delivered to your door.

Think quality 100 day grain fed MSA certified Rump from the Darling Downs, 180 day grass fed MSA certified Victorian Sirloin Tri Tip and premium beef mince at no more cost than that of your local supermarket.

Click here for our comparison table on costs of our BBQ and Fresh meats compared to the supermarkets.

We are also delivering a selection of wine and beer, and we have to include our amazing brownie for dessert.

In Short Supply

Over the past few weeks we have personally experienced empty shelves in our local supermarkets.

Most notably it has been the pantry basics and now eggs. We have been working with our wholesalers to source some of these products that are in short supply. While we can not always get the cheapest supermarket brands, we have made sure our prices are really competitive with our local supermarket.

This range will grow in the coming weeks as our wholesalers can source more in demand products. Please email us at if you would like to see any of your favourites here.

Pickup & Home Delivery

How do we pack your meats ?

With love and care.

Our BBQ meats are cooked weekly and cryovact to lock in that great BBQ flavour. While our BBQ meats will last upto 3 months sealed and stored at 4c degrees, we place a 2 week use by date on these products. Of course you can freeze them and defrost at your leisure using normal practices.

Our fresh pre-packed meats come from our wholesale butcher weekly and will have a 2 week use by date as per local supermarkets or butchers. Again you can freeze them and defrost at your leisure using normal practices.

Where will we deliver?

Our staff we will be delivering within 15km of Woodchoppers. We are trying to re-connect with some of our casual staff who have been layed off by our closure.

How much will delivery cost?

Our delivery fees will be as follows:

All orders over $100 are FREE…otherwise

  • For orders within 7.5km – FREE
  • For orders between 7.5 – 10km – $7
  • For orders between 10 – 12.5km – $10
  • For orders over 12.5km – $15

Km distance is calculated by Google Maps driving algorithum, not as the “Crow Flys”.

All delivery fees will go to our staff.

Is there a minimum order $ amount?
  • For pickup at Woodchoppers – $NIL
  • For home delivery – $50
Next Day Delivery Cut-Off

Orders received by Midnight will be available for next day delivery or pickup.

Contactless Delivery

Our delivery driver, respecting social distancing, will knock, leave parcel on doorstep and stand a reasonable distance back, giving you a polite wave as you pick up your goods. Please wave back, we thank you for your order.

You will also receive a text telling you we have delivered your order.

Please note our meats are not packed to sustain prolonged periods unrefrigerated. So please ensure you collect your order promptly.

Collecting at Woodchoppers

If you have chosen to pick up at Woodchoppers, we will send you a text when your order is ready. You can then arrive at the time you chose at check out. Please call us on 55253500 when you arrive so we can deliver it to your car. There is ample parking in front of Woodchoppers at this time.

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Want great BBQ receipes and sides suggestions?

Now you have got great BBQ and fresh meats, what about some great recipes for BBQ, sides and more. Our chefs have put together a list of receipes that will get the 👍 from all the family.