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To Start



To start your BBQ experience, we have some mouth watering starters which you can keep to yourself or share with friends.

Our famous oven baked cob has been a local favourite for more than 20 years since we opened Woodchoppers in 1995.

Try our fantastic Lemon Myrtle Chicken wings. BBQ in our Bradley smoker with hickory wood they make a classic start to any meal.

Not to be out done, our Crispy Pork Belly and Lemon Myrtle dusted Calamari are winners across the board.

BBQ is about sharing so why not try a bit of everything with our Snacks to Share plate.


What makes our BBQ unique is that we use real wood to cook our meats low & slow.

We NEVER boil or steam our meats to make them fall off the bone. The combination of hickory wood, slow heat and sweet smoke create BBQ bliss.

Accept no substitutes insist on real wood fired BBQ.