Real Wood Fired BBQ

Since humble beginnings back in 1995, John O’Brien & local restauranteur, Don Murphy, set out to provide Mudgeeraba and the hinterland a restaurant and bar serving traditional Australian fare in the cosy Queenslander known as Woodchoppers Inn.

Over the ensuing years the venue became a popular watering hole for locals and visitors alike, offering great hospitality and food.

 “I remember my Dad’s 40th here 20 years ago” is often heard with Woodchoppers holding a special place in the hearts and minds of the local community.

As time moves on, John’s son, Stephen takes the helm in 2010 and in 2015 puts in our first BBQ. From backyard BBQ enthusiast, Stephen’s passion has seen us now become the Gold Coasts longest standing real woodfired BBQ restaurant.

Art Plus Science Equals Great BBQ
It took us years to perfect our BBQ techniques and we never stop learning.

More Art than Science

At Woodchoppers BBQ, Smoke & Grill we specialise in unique woodfired BBQ, burning real wood to create a 100% pure BBQ experience. Where possible sourcing local ingredients and creating delicious BBQ influenced by Australian flavours and those tried and tested true BBQ favourites from around the world.

Our go to BBQ are our two Yoder offset wood pellet pits. Build from solid steel in Alabama USA, our Yoders are the backbone of our pit producing incredible, mouth watering BBQ day in day out.

There is no smoke and mirrors with our BBQ, see our Yoders proudly on display at the center of Woodchoppers!

Real Wood Fired BBQ Ribs
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Ribs, Chicken, Tri-Tip and Brisket we have you covered.
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Brisket,Sausages, Pulled Pork, Drumsticks and Fries.
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Mouth Watering BBQ

It starts with our classic 12 hour brisket and 6 hour pork ribs which are cooked low and slow – never steamed, never boiled, just 100% wood fired BBQ.

Then there’s the sauce, our homemade lemon myrtle BBQ sauce, our Australian twist to a BBQ essential.

The feast continues with pulled pork shoulder, chicken cooked three ways, smoked, buttermilk battered or roasted, succulent BBQ lamb, tri-tip sirloin, we’ve got something for everyone.

BBQ is our passion, it’s an art, and it’s all about low and slow BBQ.

Woodchoppers Turkish Delight Cocktail

The Cocktails

Our hand crafted, small batch moonshine creates cocktail magic. From our all grain wheat vodka to our London Dry "one shot" gin we have what it takes to takes to unwind or get the party started.

The Gin High Tea

Against the Grain Distillery is the home to the Mudgeeraba High Tea with our unique Gin High Tea, Blokes High Tea and our Signature Teapot Temptress Cocktail High Tea.

The Shin-Digs

Woodchoppers Inn has always been a place where locals gather. Our BBQ Smoke & Grill house & artisan distillery is the perfect location for your next social, party or get-together.

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