The Cocktails

Local Cocktails Made With Local Spirits

Our hand-crafted spirits bring to life our range of innovative, fun and exciting cocktails.

Wind down or party on? We’ve got you covered.

Take some inspiration from the following recipes that are sure to whet your whistle, calm your mind or boost your mood. Enjoy with a crowd or a friend we’ve got something for you.

Like our hand made spirits, cocktails are subject to seasonality when the best ingredients are in bloom !

Hinterland 75

Our take on the classic French 75

The Ingredients

  • 30mls Hinterland Horizon Gin
  • 15mls Lemon Juice
  • 15mls Simple Syrup
  • 120mls Sparkling Wine

The Method

Shake gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup in an ice filled shaker.
Shake hard until well chilled, strain into champagne flute.
Top with Sparkling Wine.
Garnish with a lemon twist.

GARNISH: Lemon Peel

The Mudgeeraba Martini

Local by name, local by flavour.

The Ingredients

  • 60mls Against the Grain Fingerlime Vodka
  • 30mls Noilley Pratt Dry Vermouth
  • A Dash of Bitters

The Method

Add Vermouth and Vodka to a cocktail shaker
Add a scoop of ice and stir.
Then strain into a Martini Glass.
Add a drop of bitters and a lime twist.

GARNISH: Lime Twist

Turkish Delight Martini

A special that makes regular appearances.

The Ingredients

  • 60mls Against the Grain Davidson Plum Gin
  • 30mls Cranberry Juice
  • 15mls Sugar Syrup
  • 15mls Rose Water

The Method

Add ATG Davidson Plum Gin, Cranberry Juice, Sugar Syrup, Rose Water and scoop of ice to a cocktail shaker and shake. Rim glass with powdered chocolate. Then strain cocktail into a Champagne Coupe. Add a few rose petals to garnish

GARNISH: Chocolate Powdered Rim & Rose Petals

Homemade Vodka Lemonade

For the young at heart!

The Ingredients

  • 60mls Against the Grain Lemon Myrtle Vodka
  • 30mls Lemon Juice
  • 15mls Simple Syrup
  • Soda Water

The Method

Add lemon myrtle vodka, lemon juice and simple syrup to cocktail shaker with ice and stir.
Fill highball glass with ice, lemon wedges and mint, strain/pour over mix and top with soda water

GARNISH: lemon wedges & mint

The Cocktails

Our hand crafted, small batch moonshine creates cocktail magic. From our all grain wheat vodka to our London Dry "one shot" gin we have what it takes to takes to unwind or get the party started.

The Gin High Tea

Against the Grain Distillery is the home to the Mudgeeraba High Tea with our unique Gin High Tea, Blokes High Tea and our Signature Teapot Temptress Cocktail High Tea.

The Shin-Digs

Woodchoppers Inn has always been a place where locals gather. Our BBQ Smoke & Grill house & artisan distillery is the perfect location for your next social, party or get-together.

The Gin High Tea

Experience our unique Lux Gin High Tea. A perfect mix of sweet and savoury home made delights paired with our very own artisan spirits.
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