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Against the Grain Distillery

It all started experimentally in 2019, pre-pandemic, Woodchoppers Inn BBQ, Smoke & Grill was ticking along nicely, although missing a beat. That beat was to become MOONSHINE.

BBQ, BEER & MOONSHINE was the war cry of Steve as he set off on his distilling journey, creating a full venue experience combining our in-house wood fired BBQ, local craft beer bar and artisan distillery.


Tinkering, crafting and honing his distilling skills on ‘Berryl’, our first 50lt pot still, drawing from past brewing and distilling adventures, intensive research and distillery exploration.

Let’s just say the pandemic became a little moonshine-fuelled adventure.

It’s 2021, the plans were crafted and the build commenced transforming what was once our “room of chance” into a state of the art “micro distillery” – sign of bigger things to come.

Getting Serious

At the end 2021, after what has become the norm in COVID expected delays, our big boy ‘Bruce’ finally arrived

A 200lt composite still, lots of copper and beauty, Bruce allows us to run both vodka, gin, rums and shines through just one still. Berryl is still close by, running all our small batch, experimental and test recepies before we let them loose on Bruce.

It’s time we get serious to drum to a new moonshine beat.

Mashing Things Up

Like the larger scale breweries, we mash and ferment our grains to create the base for our distilled spirits. We also use high quality alcohol to further fortify our ferments, if needed, to create a unique grain based moonshine.

We go from the grain to the glass.

AND – this is where we go “against the grain”, using all grain mashing techniques to create our unique signature flavours. By going from the grain in the field to the glass in your hand – along with a bit of alchemy along the way – that’s what’s moonshining is all about.

Redefining Moonshine

Traditionally Moonshine is an unaged whiskey made from grain, illicitly, from a homemade still stored in a mason jar.

At Against the Grain Distillery, we take this a bit further crafting unique vodkas, gins, liquors, whiskey & bournonshines.

From our unique All-Wheat “The Don” Vodka to our Davidson Plum Gin with fruit sourced locally from Austinville we create spirits with that something special.

Our Whiskey & Bourbonshines are made in the traditional way with some finding their way into the barrel while others transforming through the art of “ultrasonic” aging. 

Our Spirits

At Against the Grain Distilling we are committed to producing small batch, artisan distilled spirits.

Using our two stills, we hand-craft a range of vodkas, gins and moonshines that have that distinct grain characteristics with a smooth, mellow finish that is the hallmark of our artisan moonshine.

Our gins use the classic incredients of juniper, corriander, cardamon, oris and angelica root to convey those familiar flavours. We also experiment with locally sourced flavours such as lemon myrtle, Davidson plum, fingerlimes; always using fresh ingredients when in season to create a premium Australian hand-crafted spirit.

Woodchoppers Turkish Delight Cocktail

The Cocktails

Our hand crafted, small batch moonshine creates cocktail magic. From our all grain wheat vodka to our London Dry "one shot" gin we have what it takes to takes to unwind or get the party started.

The Moonshine

We specialise in small batch artisan distilled spirits. Ranging from all wheat vodka, classic "one shot" gins, rums and our unique Bourbonshine and Whiskeyshines. Hand made in Mudgeeraba.

The Shin-Digs

Woodchoppers Inn has always been a place where locals gather. Our BBQ Smoke & Grill house & artisan distillery is the perfect location for your next social, party or get-together.

Learn to Moonshine

Get "hands on" & learn the art of shinning. Limit of 6 per class, enjoy making your own special creation.
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