Beyond BBQ

The Grill



BBQ is not just our business – so is the Grill.

We take all our meats seriously !

If the char of the Grill is more your style, we have you covered.

We source our meats from locally and from interstate (well Northern NSW) suppliers offering quality grass and grain feed options.

Our Rump steaks are from the Darling Downs, 100 days feed on grain with a Marble Score of 2+.

Northern Rivers NSW is the source for our Sirloin steaks. 180 days frass feed, MAS graded 3+ marble score means a steak to remember.


What makes our BBQ unique is that we use real wood to cook our meats low & slow.

We NEVER boil or steam our meats to make them fall off the bone. The combination of hickory wood, slow heat and sweet smoke create BBQ bliss.

Accept no substitutes insist on real wood fired BBQ.