Moonshine & More

Small Batch. Artisan Distilled. Made in Mudgeeraba.

Our hand-crafted spirits bring to life the essence of the hinterland, finger limes from Canungra, Davidson Plums from Springbrook, Lemon Myrtle from Austinville. All produced on-site in Mudgeeraba from the fermentation of natural grains, fruits and botanicals.

Our range includes vodkas, gins, rum, liquors and our ever popular whiskey & bourbonshines.

Can’t decide? Why not try a gin or vodka tasting flight for $15, redeemable against any bottle purchase.


"There's no absolutes in life, just Vodka." - Mike Jagger

The Straight Vodka

Vodka Infusions

The Single Shot Gin

London Dry Style – single shot basket infused  botanicals for a subtle, soft, classic gin.

Our botanicals are not boiled but vapour infused highlighting the subtle but clear flavours of each botanical. 

Gin Infusions


"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine" - Humphrey Bogart


" Never cry over spilled milk, it could have been Whiskey " - Maverick

Ultrasonic and Barrel Aged

To make our bourbon and whiskey shines we mash our grains, allow our yeast to do their magic fermenting and we twice distill in copper pot and whiskey hat still till we have our close cut spirit ready for the wood.

This is where the fun starts – wood aged with sound or time in the barrel?

Wood Aging Options

White Dog and Spiced Rum

Like our bourbon and whiskey shines we mash sugar cane and molasses, using high tolerance yeast to get the bst ferment, we twice distill in our copper pot still and cut tight to get rum spirit worthy of wood or not!

Our white dog is an unaged, unwooded sweet rum spirit ready for the bottle off the still. But for our aged and spiced rums, more is needed.

Spices and Woods


" Drinking rum before 10am makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic " - Earl Dibbles JR
Woodchoppers Turkish Delight Cocktail

The Cocktails

Our hand crafted, small batch moonshine creates cocktail magic. From our all grain wheat vodka to our London Dry "one shot" gin we have what it takes to takes to unwind or get the party started.

The Moonshine

We specialise in small batch artisan distilled spirits. Ranging from all wheat vodka, classic "one shot" gins, rums and our unique Bourbonshine and Whiskeyshines. Hand made in Mudgeeraba.

The Shin-Digs

Woodchoppers Inn has always been a place where locals gather. Our BBQ Smoke & Grill house & artisan distillery is the perfect location for your next social, party or get-together.

Learn to Moonshine

Get "hands on" & learn the art of shinning. Limit of 6 per class, enjoy making your own special creation.
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